14 Simple Home Remedies For Constipation

relieve constipation quickly

Try some of the simplest home remedies for constipation and prevent it from re-emerging. Here are 14 home remedies for constipation.

1. Pure olive oil

relieve constipation quickly

This is something more than a healthy and delicious fat. This nutrient can also help your constipation disappear. When you consider the texture and consistency of olive oil, the results doesn’t seem surprising. This oil is practically a good example of constipation home therapy . Olive oil stimulates your digestive system, helping things move in your big intestine. Regular consumption of olive oil prevents further constipation.


1 tablespoon olive oil

1 teaspoon lemon juice (optional)

Method of Use

In the morning, you should eat a tablespoon of olive oil. It would be better to do this with an empty stomach, so eat it before eating anything else. If you forget ,it’s better to wait for a while and then have it. If you like, you can mix it with a little lemon juice to have a better flavor (lemon juice acts as a home remedy for constipation).

2. Lemon

cure constipation at home

Get fresh with lemon

Oh, the fragrance of  lemon … Have you ever thought that your stomach should enjoy the soothing lemon as much as your nose? Citric acid in lemon juice acts as a stimulant to your digestive system. It can also help eliminate toxins and undigested substances that may remain along the large intestine wall.

3. Do not forget plum

relief of constipation fast

This fruit acts as a natural laxative, perhaps one of the oldest ways to treat constipation. Being a juice or itself, Plum also contains a lot of fiber and sorbitol. Sorbitol softens the stool because it is a natural carbohydrate that is not easily absorbed, so it absorbs a lot of water at the time of passing through the intestines and adds to the volume of stool,so, be careful, excessive consumption of sorbitol can make gas and oversoften the stool .


-2 cups of plum juice (220 g)

How to use

In the morning, drink a glass of plum juice and another glass in the evening to relieve your constipation. You will see the effect of plum juice in a few hours, so it’s important to let the first cup pass through your intestine before drinking another glass; Otherwise you will be at risk of diarrhea. You can also eat some plums instead of drinking plum juice, if you like.

4. Soaked raisins help move your intestine.

relief of constipation fast

It is rich in fiber. In fact, the human body can’t digest the fiber, so fiber adds to the volume of stool and makes it easier for stool to move in the digestive tract. Consequently, the use of raisins helps  absorb water from the digestive tract and it soften the stool and other dry substance which move hard in the intestines due to stiffness and dryness. You should also drink some water to increase the amount of water in the digestive tract, along with wetted raisins. Following this section, we will refer to step-by-step instructions for using raisin properties in the treatment of constipation.

Complete instructions:

1. put raisins in water for one night

 2.Eat raisins tomorrow morning

3. After eating raisins, drink the water they are soaked in .

4.Do this every day.

5. Fennel seeds

relied of constipation fast

Fennel Seeds are versatile in treating digestive diseases. It is really effective and helpful in the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders such as bloating, indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome, and constipation because they cause smooth muscle contractions in intestines.

In this section, we will refer to the step-by-step instructions for treating constipation with fennel seeds.

1. First, prepare 1 cup of fennel seeds

2.Then roast them without using water or oil.

3. Crush the roasted Fennel seed then sift them.

4. Keep the powder in a glass container; this delicious powder can help digest the food.

5. Finally, it’s best for you to put half of a teaspoon of this powder in hot water and drink once a day.

6. Add figs to your diet

remedy for chronic constipation

Figs (fresh and dried) are rich in fiber. This delicious and popular fruit acts just like a natural laxative. People with chronic constipation can add figs to their daily diet. In addition, constipation treatment, you can use fresh figs and dried figs. If you have fresh figs in your house, you should use it with their skins, because the fig’s skin is also full of calcium and fiber

 For constipation treatment by using figs at home, you should follow the instructions below:                                   

 1. Prepare 2 to 3 almonds and dried figs.

 2. Then put them in cold water for a few hours

3. Get the skin of the almonds and then crush them and mix well

4. eat a dough of almonds and fragrant figs together with 1 tbsp of honey, once every night                        

5. Repeat this for a few days to get a great result

7. Castor oil improves bowel movements

Castor oil is a kind of laxative that can stimulate large and small intestine. The easiest way to treat constipation with castor oil is to have 1 to 2 teaspoons of caster oil with an empty stomach each morning. In addition, if you do not like the taste of castor oil, you can mix it with your favorite fruit juice. By using castor oil, you will see a dramatic improvement in your digestive system in a few hours. However, this treatment should not be used for a long time, because persistent and high consumption of castor oil has side effects.

8. Grapes are like raisins

remedy for chronic constipation

Grapes contain insoluble fiber which can help intestinal motility and proper bowel movements.  Just eat a little bowl of fresh grapes or a half glass of grape juice each day.

You can also add about 10 to 13 dry grapes without seeds to the milk, and heat for a few minutes. Finally, you can eat grapes and milk mix as an evening snack. You can also use this treatment for children with constipation signs.

9. Raw and cooked spinach cleanse and regenerate the digestive tract.

cure constipation at home

It is very useful for the health and good function of your digestive system, especially when you suffer from constipation. Raw spinach contains several compounds that can purify, regenerate and rebuild your gastrointestinal tract. Adding spinach to your daily diet is one of the most effective home remedies for adult constipation treatment which should be mentioned on this list. If you suffer from severe constipation, you need to drink a half glass of raw spinach water and a half glass of cool water twice a day. Keep doing this for a few days to get rid of constipation.

10. Sesame makes fecal excretion easy.

cure constipation at home

Sesame seeds are rich in dietary fiber.It increases stool volume, and make the excrement easier by softening intestinal contents. For proper use of sesame in constipation treatment, you should follow the step-by-step instructions.

  1.You should eat about 35 grams of sesame daily

2. Then drink plenty of water at the time of  taking sesame  

3. In addition, you can pour Sesame on salads or food (but try not to eat more than 14 grams)

11. Have a natural diet plan (fiber, fiber and fiber again)

relieve constipation fast

It’s obvious that natural foods contain high levels of fiber – a magic word that ends the suffering of pooping. In a word, fiber is a substance that is not digested, and acts like a sponge. The fiber takes water from around, and it turns into bloat, so it softens the bowel and increase the stool volume and helps it get out of the body. Like coffee, some types of fiber (like beans) can affect constipation, so always drink sufficient amount of water.

Some good foods which are full of good fiber include:



Bread made from whole flour



Plums, pears and apples


Potatoes (of course, we do not mean fried potatoes!)

12. Take little flaxseed oil

It is one of the easiest and most effective home remedies for constipation. This oral substance will cover the bowel wall to a degree as well as the stool and increase the number of intestinal movements. When constipation occurs, if you eat this oil with orange juice, the effect will be doubled, because the orange has the right amount of fiber (make sure you eat orange juice with its skin since the highest amount of orange fiber is  in its meat .)


 1. one glass of orange juice with its meat (220g)

2. one tablespoon flaxseed oil

Method of Use

Mix 1 tablespoon of flaxseed oil with 1 glass of orange juice. Drink this whenever you need it, but give it time (up to 5 hours) to see the effect,do not use it too often.

13. The apple juice is available and works well.

Among many natural home remedies for constipation, apple juice can be a good treatment. The material in the apple can soften the stool, especially in your intestines. Therefore, normal bowel activities will be stimulated.

Eat one or two apples a day to keep your body healthy and strong –

– You can also drink a glass of apple juice a day. You will soon feel that your constipation has been resolved.

14. Oranges

Orange is known for its high fiber content, which is effective in managing constipation problems and makes digestion easy.

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