18 Ways You Can Be A Better Version Of You

Tips To Improve Yourself

Life can be messy and we are complex creatures. Can a person have a true and concise definition of who they are? If they’re wrapped in a neatly labeled box, will they stay or slip right back out?  The truth is, we’re all a work in progress. Shifting and changing to the influences of our environment and the people in our lives. The you are at this moment may change with the next song on the radio or the casual remark of a friend.
Who knows what the catalyst might be.But change will happen, growth of course remains optional.

The following are 18 tips on how can inspire yourself to bring about positive changes in your life, perhaps be more adventurous, happier and grow as a person.

1. Don’t take every little matter too seriously.

Everyone brings a different standard, personality, moral scope and methods for how doing things. Sometimes they might disagreeable, even offensive to you. Finding humor in situations or assessing them from different perspectives can create a fresh dynamic in the way you handle affairs and become more tolerant toward others.

Don't take life too seriously

2. Set goals for yourself and formulate plans to achieve them. Taking action towards making them a reality for you will give your life a sense of purpose and keep you from being stagnant or just going through the motions.

set goals

3.  When you’re ambitious and aiming high, you should be flexible with the scope of your expectations.

The road to success is paved stumbling blocks and disappointments and failing to get what you want are a part of it. Don’t let it deter you from regrouping and trying again. There are multiple ways to arrive at your desired destination.

Don't give up with your goals

4.  Take responsibility for your actions.

Be mindful of what you say and do, for all of which will have an effect and repercussions. When you make mistakes, don’t make excuses and blame others. Own up to them.

Take responsibility for your actions

5.  Worrying about what others think of you is a waste of time.

Other people’s perception of you is filtered through their own life experience and set of likes and dislikes. You won’t be able to satisfy everyone or morph into someone who fits into every clique, trend or person’s views.

Stop worrying about others

6.  Do what’s right and in accord with both the mind and heart.

There are many gray areas in life. Resist the temptations to taking advantage of others or walk over them for personal gains. You can you hold you head high with a clear conscience, even if the outcome isn’t ideal.

Do what's right

7.  People forget your words.

They just pay attention to what you do. Don’t stay on the sidelines and just talk, without taking action or risks.  Do something about your wishes, make good on your promises, for yourself and for others.

People forget your words

8.  Make inner peace your highest goal. 

Integrate it in your decision making and plans as much as you can and happiness will be more present in your life.

Make inner peace your highest goal

9.  Don’t brush aside situations and circumstances causing you stress and sadness.

Address them to the best of your ability.  Learn and reflect on them. You will be stronger and know to prevent them from reoccurring .

Don't avoid facing your difficulties

10.Your life is a reflection of your thoughts.

Change thoughts and see your life change. You take yourself, your thoughts and feelings, everywhere you go.  No matter how you’ve accomplished or wealth you’ve acquired, you’re only happy as your thoughts allow you to be. So master them.

Your life is a reflection of your thoughts.

11.  Don’t hold grudges.

The feeling of needing to enact revenge for a wrong is one of the most toxic you can have and will not set things right. Free yourself of it by forgiving those who have hurt you.

Don't hold grudges

12. Take control of the messages you transmit to your conscious mind.

Through trial and error, you can re-create and put a different spin on the way you those messages, according to your wishes and needs.

Take control of your mind

13.  The things that happen to you and around you do not determine your feelings; it’s how you react that shapes your feelings.

You're in control of feelings

14. The better you feel about yourself, the better the relationships you have with others. And vice-versa.

Reap the benefits of this energy exchange.

Better relationship better you

15. When solving a disagreement, sometimes the best expression is: “Maybe I’m wrong.”

It takes a big person to swallow their pride for the greater good and re-consider their stance or try see a situation from the point of view of another.

'Maybe I'm Wrong'

16. Develop gratitude into a habit.

It’s easy to have rising expectations, the feel that you don’t have enough and finding only momentary satisfaction in what you’ve acquired before wanting more. Take moments to appreciate and be thankful for all the good you have in your life.

Be more grateful

17. Life is too short to exert energy on things that you do not like or care about.

Let go of them. Resist the urge to wallow in self-pity and dwell on the thoughts and memories that make you unhappy. There are circumstances that are beyond our control sometimes, but there’s still light and hope to be found.

Life is too short

18. You have to live responsibly and do what’s needed to provide for the basic necessities, but it’s also important to aside time for yourself, whether it be being more around family and friends, enjoying favorite pastimes, trying new things, learning, or just lounging around. Enjoy life while you have it!

Aside time for yourself
18 Ways You Can Be A Better Version Of You


Life can be messy and we are complex creatures. Can a person have a true and concise definition of who they are? If they’re wrapped in a neatly labeled box, will they stay or slip right back out?  The truth is, we’re all a work in progress.

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