5 Professions Of the Future That Will Become More And More Relevant

best jobs for the future

It is increasingly claimed that robots will displace people very much and take some of their functions into the labor market. On the other hand, the shortage of skilled workers will become an increasingly serious problem globally, with demand going beyond supply. What changes do we expect and there are jobs that will soon gain tremendous potential? According to Viktor Andonov, Executive Director of the Bulgarian office of the global technology company DataArt:
“Despite the frequent claims that in the future robots will make many people out of work, this is not entirely true. It is precisely the development and development of such technologies that will, in my opinion, become a reason for the creation of new promising professions.”

Here are the professions that will be gaining momentum in the future and for whom there will be a search for cadres in his opinion:

1. Artificial Intelligence Engineer

the best future jobs

Artificial Intelligence will increasingly enter our lives and this will certainly affect the search for certain cadres to deal with its creation. “These are IT engineers who will develop autonomous self-governing cars, voice-controlled technologies, smart devices, robots, smart homes, etc. In short, these specialists will create a man-made environment that will is operated with voice commands and will be much more autonomous than the current, “says Viktor Andonov.

2. Telesurgeon

best jobs for the future

It may sound like science fiction, but in the future it will be possible to conduct surgical operation remotely over the Internet. Already the bloodless operation has advanced seriously, but the robot surgeons will be increasingly deployed and will be remotely controlled by very good physicians who will not be physically present in the operating room, “said DataArt’s executive director, adding:” Surgeons of the future will probably have high-end cameras and glasses to help with precise control. Of course, the pace of entry of such a type of innovation will be highly dependent on their price, as few hospitals will be able to afford them. On the other hand, this will bring extraordinary benefits to patients as it will already be possible for good surgeons to respond in an emergency,

3. Digital Content Architect

best jobs for the future

While observing the layoffs of print media, which are increasingly overturned by their digital alternatives, the profession of “journalist” will not lose its meaning and value, but it will not be in the form we know it, says Viktor Andonov. “Journalism with a notebook, a chemical and a voice recorder will go to another level. An increasing role will be played by the so-called digital content architects who can combine technological skills and writing skills, and this is a rare combination. This type of professional will need to be able to build text for a digital environment so that it is both interesting, optimized, visually suited for online reading, interactive, and so on. Companies will increasingly invest in this kind of specialists, as good indexing in search engines and promotion through appropriate and interesting content will be key. “

4. Solar Technology Expert

best jobs in the future

The projections are that up to 15-20 years of solar panels will be widely used worldwide, so this profession will become popular in the foreseeable future. The world will seek alternative sources of energy for lower cost and more environmentally friendly methods. These specialists will combine knowledge not only on the technical specifics of these systems, but also on architecture, furniture, ecology, and so on. They will be able to design autonomous ecosystems to become part of people’s everyday life.

5. Gamification Specialist

the best future jobs

We are now witnessing the strong penetration of gaming that uses gaming platforms for education and career goals. “My experience shows that this type of technology has enormous potential and will still contribute to the creation of new professions. About a year ago, we at DataArt created a platform based on gaming called Skillotron. This is a way to sift out the better programmers and discover new footage, while allowing the participants to learn new things, test their skills, have fun, and even compete with each other, “said Viktor Andonov. According to him, more and more similar projects will be created and this will become the reason for the creation of a separate profession. “The gamers will make it possible to learn with the help of a game, the adaptation of learning material for easier learning, and even the study of complex science. With the help of games, we can quickly and qualitatively train specialists in almost all spheres, “he added.

Occupations that are threatened with extinction

best jobs for the future

“Unfortunately, there are indeed professions that are threatened with extinction, and at some point the labor market will push them out – just as mobile phones have replaced stationary ones, as the computer has taken the place of the typewriter and so on,” said Andonov. According to him, this would include all professions that are related to recurrent mechanical activity, unnecessary bureaucracy and obsolete technologies such as:

Tailors and workers

Taxi drivers and professional drivers

Travel agents

Builders – 3D printing will replace most of these activities


Insurance agents


Librarians, archivists

 “In the longer term, I think it is even possible for pharmacists to be shuffled off online stores and digitize everything – prescribing a drug and ordering it online with stricter purchasing measures, for example, through block technology. Real estate brokers are also threatened, as demand and supply of housing, purchase and sale of property will become much simpler and with greater opportunities for smart contracts without the intervention of an intermediary, “said DataArt CEO.

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