5 Professions Teens Know More About Than Their Parents

Professions That High Schoolers Can Talk About More Than Many Adults

best jobs for teens

No matter how many parents, teachers or politicians say that young people spend too much time on the Internet, the trend is unlikely to change in the future. But this has its advantages. Thanks to modern technology and the Internet, adolescents will learn a lot of useful information that actually brings them closer to the real world, and not vice versa. Using the example of modern professions, we find that students understand better than their parents.

Game Designer

best jobs for teens

One of the most favorite activities of many adolescents (although adults also like it) is computer games. Many parents blame their children for this “useless” pastime. But if you look at it, it is the rich gaming experience that helps future game creators to become sought-after experts.

A game designer is a specialist who develops computer games. From his imagination, knowledge and skills depends on the game plot and the appearance of the game. Only at first glance this profession seems simple. The duties of the game designer include a large list of tasks: from writing voluminous technical tasks to analyzing the players’ behavior and introducing new features into the game environment.

Of course, for such work alone games can not do. Without confident knowledge of mathematics and computer science, the ability to write competently and clearly, as well as the desire to work a lot, the game designer will not become. But modern teenagers understand this.

The average income of a game designer varies from $62,000, and the number of companies that enter the video game market is increasing every year.

Travel Blogger

best jobs for teens

In fact, a travel blogger is almost a professional journalist. He should not only write interesting and useful travel texts and check information, but also find successful shots, select relevant topics and be able to communicate with his audience. Often it is the originality of the filing and charisma that make travel blogger popular.

Just as much as gaming, students love to sit on social networks. Some of the most popular blogs here are travel pages. Today, anyone can post pictures of their travels around the world on their blog and write comments to them. Although this does not mean that such people automatically become travel bloggers.

The main income such activity brings through cooperation with airlines, hotels and other organizations whose products are “tied” to travel. Advertising of partner companies allows travel blogger to turn social media accounts into a profession and make it the main source of income.

YouTube Channel Presenter

best jobs for teens

Social networks are not the only space where teens spend time sitting on the Internet. Along with the popularity of video content, the popularity of the YouTube video hosting site has come. YouTube channels have become a real alternative to television. At the same time, it is absolutely not necessary to have a higher education or to be an adult in order to broadcast here a video of our own production.

Of course, not any content is interesting, and people become not all YouTube-channel subscribers. Practice shows that the greatest number of views is reached by the video, on the creation of which worked a whole team of professionals. In such cases, it requires not only a qualified operator and a quality scenario, but also a moderator, who will be interested in watching.

Leading YouTube-channels are not only people with specialized education . Most often, these are experts in a particular field who are well versed in the subject of content and talk about it fascinatingly. The salary of such professionals often depends on the popularity of the video posted. Although there are already vacancies in which employers offer a fixed income to a leading YouTube channel.


best jobs for teens

In December 2018, the RBC news portal published an article comparing streaming with oil. The fact is that today Russian streamers monthly earn from 1 to 2 million rubles. These experts shoot and upload videos live. As a rule, this is a filming of computer games.

Video games have long gone beyond everyday entertainment. By 2024, eSports can be included in the program of the Olympic Games. A well-known streamers are already included in the lists of the richest people in the world.

Today, there are special streaming platforms on which anyone who wants to create his own channel and broadcasts streams. For example, Twitch.tv is a popular site, although YouTube users can stream online.

Earn streamers due to remittances (donations) that viewers list. The amount of donations can reach 60 thousand rubles per game. But in order to reach this level of income, the streamer must have serious game preparation and good technique, because it is the quality of its game that determines the interest and generosity of the public.

Merch Developer

best jobs for teens

Teens also love to watch movies and TV shows, listen to music. When there are funds, it is unlikely that any of them will refuse a sweatshirt or a phone case with their favorite symbols. Merch is any product with a graphic print that has a certain meaning. Most often these are logos of companies, music groups, video games, events, inscriptions from movies and songs, popular memes or even photos of your favorite autographed bloggers. And people who come up with ideas for such things and are involved in their production are called merch developers.

Usually designer brands are involved in developing merchandise. However, now it is not necessary to become a designer to release your own merch. Enough to have good taste and be able to create creative solutions.

Only it is worth remembering that the developed merch still needs to be successfully sold. In order for this activity to become a valuable source of income, it is necessary to build the entire product sales cycle. Therefore, developers merchandise collaborate with seamstresses, printers, marketers and sales managers.

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