How To Be Better Parents

how to be a good parent

10 Ways You Can Improve As Parents

good parenting

It is clear that a good parent loves their children, takes care of their basic physical and emotional needs and spends a great deal of their time with them. But what are the more insightful and less obvious ways to be good parents?

   1. Stay true to yourself

how to be a good parent

You should not give up your own interests and what you are engaging in. It is important to find time for things that YOU love to do. Read, write, and sport – make this a priority and find a way to incorporate them into your daily routine. It’s easy to say, but it’s hard to do, is not it? But at least you have to aim to do what you love, even if it does not happen as often as before. If you care for yourself and your needs, you will be happier and better parents, respectively.

 2. Don’t be a martyr

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Children don’t need this, and they certainly do not want to pay the price of being raised by martyrs. Do you need time for yourself? Let the kids play for an hour or spend time with a grandmother and go somewhere quiet to read a book for example. Do you feel as if you have not been communicating with adults for years? Go out for lunch with friends. Getting to the limit of your exhaustion is not good either for you or for your child.

3. Don’t try to be perfect

how to a good parent

This applies to life as a whole. To strive for perfectionism is always a bad idea because life is unpredictable and full of surprises. Trying to be perfect or to maintain full control of things is simply impossible and should not be your goal. You have to assume that food is not always at home, sometimes you have to take it outdoors or let the children have fun themselves while you spend time for yourself.

4. Get rid of guilt

good parenting

Guilt is perhaps one of the most common side effects of parenting. It’s useless and the only thing it does is to lose our time and energy. Once you make a decision, whether it’s essential to go to work or stay at home, or allow the child to watch TV while you’re doing something else, just don’t torture or ask yourself, “Did I get it right?” You do the best you can. No one is perfect and you aren’t expected to be a perfect parent or make mistakes. Love your children and take care of them. This is the most important thing. Really!

5. Be calm

how to be a good parent

Child care is hard work. They are noisy, they make white and they require it. Yes, you will lose control from time to time. But for the most part, try to stay calm – take a deep breath and look at them – they are small, helpless people who need only love.

6. Listen to your children

how to be a good parent

But really listen to them. It’s hard work, but try at least. We have the habit of assuming that we know more than our children, which of course is somewhat true, and that is why we do not even hear them out in most cases. Additionally, we often get into the role of people who know how to solve the “problem” by immediately launching some advice, but in most cases they only need to be heard.

7. Be their parent and not a friend

good parenting

Put a limit. It was easier for previous generations – parents were parents, children were children, families were patriarchal. Everyone listens to and obeys the father. Now the families are democratic – we talk, listen and help.
That’s great, but our kids need us as their parents. 
We have to listen to them and respect them – but not be their peers.

8. Don’t put too much pressure on them

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Being overambitious doesn’t bring anything good. We all want our children to succeed in life, to develop their potential and to be happy. By pressing them – it cannot be done. It’s important to have balance for everything.

9. Laugh and have fun

how to be a good parent

It’s normal to be absorbed in the care of the children, but do not forget to have fun with them and spend your time together. Our children give us the incredible opportunity to be children again and see the world through their innocent and curious eyes. You have the chance, thanks to your children, to start to pay attention again to the little things.

10. Teach them selfesteem 

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Selfesteem is one of the most wonderful gifts parents can give to their children. When a person has good self-esteem, they will be happy and will develop to their potential. And how can you teach your children about it – by talking to them and listening to them, by showing them, that you yourself are being valued.

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