How To Beat Alcoholism

how to overcome alcoholism

Despite a worldwide pattern, campaigns for a healthy lifestyle, sports, alcohol withdrawal, tobacco and drugs, regular product price increases as well as other restrictive actions by the state, alcoholism hasn’t been eradicated.

The dependence of alcohol is one of the most dangerous and difficult problems to solve. Alcohol is sold everywhere – from banal shops, stalls, cafes, restaurants to pharmacies, and other establishments. Another factor widespread spread of unwanted addiction is clearly “disguised” the threat is so few bottles of beer every night or habit hold meetings with friends, colleagues alone accompanied by alcohol can now be defined as a high probability of the occurrence of dependence.

And it is very important to understand that the staging of alcoholism – this is the result of strong relationships, irresponsibility, lack of care for a hidden danger that carries in itself every ppm alcohol. You can never raise the question of “how to deal with alcoholism” if you learn a culture of consumption of alcoholic beverages and help them to accept, to realize their relatives and family.

What’s the point of alcohol abuse?

how to stop being alcoholic

Regular intake of alcohol, irrespective of their fortresses and even qualities, leads to irreversible consequences at physiological and mental levels, destroying all spheres of human activity:

Harmful effects on health. Alcohol does not spare any organ or system. In particularly serious cases, with constant abuse, the highest risk of complete loss of functionality of vital organs – liver, kidneys, heart, lung, spine, and brain – occurs. Also, atrophy of the blood vessels, dysfunction of the cardiovascular, nervous, secretory systems is also manifested.
Dissolving the relationship of privacy. According to statistics, every third family in Russia suffers from alcohol addiction, one or more of its members. Families crash in the face of constant scandals, nervous tension, aggression and violence, poor financial status – the most common consequences of alcoholism.
Professional degradation. Exaggeration with liqueur always leads to the inability to properly perform duties or to respond adequately and sometimes serious manufacturing injuries, a fatal outburst.
Leveling social and moral values. Depending on the person, he does not pay enough attention to his appearance and behavior, he does not follow words and does not report most actions. This results in a denial from society, generally accepted rules and norms.
The consequences listed often lead to a variety of problems with the law, which, of course, can ultimately destroy the life of a person who is not aware of his dependence in time. So, before winning alcoholism, it must be taken into account that the presence of a disease and the reason it reveals itself is widespread.

Cause of a harmful habit

how to overcome alcoholism

Traditional causes of alcoholism can be divided into social and psychological. Both categories are equally dangerous to all groups and ages, and can be manifested in a variety of forms. But it is the separation of a specific reason to tell you how to overcome dependence and forever deny alcohol.

Social causes for alcoholism

Level of life. It is paradoxical that alcohol dependence also develops in those with a stable financial background and unemployed, homeless. Only in the first case of the disease is a sign of whim, a desire to relax or to feel permissiveness, in the second – because of the negative thinking, attempts to drown his grief failure in alcohol.
The lack of a culture of consumption of alcohol and alcoholic beverages. In this case, nobody initially thinks about how to deal with alcoholism because alcohol is becoming an integral part of everyday life – celebrating great events and professional achievements, meeting friends, a simple holiday. But almost every 5th addicted “beginning” to such alcohol hobbies.
Low level of education. People with poor education or lack of care never stop thinking about how to cope with alcohol dependence, as they do not believe that the abuse of alcoholic beverages is something negative or dangerous.
Environment. One of the main reasons is the abuse of alcohol among teenagers. If older or authoritative “comrades” allow excessive drinking, young boys and girls who do not differ in leadership patterns simply follow the usual trends for the specific circle of communication, thus unconsciously working on the hunger for alcoholic beverages.
A troubled family. An example of parents who do not know how to overcome dependence or just do not want to do it, in 80% of cases, causes a harmful habit in children.

Psychophysiological causes of alcoholism

Genetic predisposition. The presence in your family of at least one alcoholic parent is already a serious risk factor.
The lack of goals in life. Softness, lack of any aspirations, reluctance to fight for their happiness, success and recognition – one of the main reasons why people just surrender to the will of the case, allowing for dependence on their own, to enslave themselves.
Loneliness or divination in your personal life. The failure of one’s own life, the lack of a beloved and loving person causes considerable psychological discomfort, which often results in the misuse of alcoholic beverages.
Violence in the family or bad relationship with colleagues. Moral repression of aggression, humiliation, insults, and other negative effects on man by others, especially their closest ones, literally moves into a “bottle”.
An easily traceable, inextricable link between the social and psycho-physiological causes of a harmful habit. Sometimes some factors attract others, resulting in the formation of a “snowball” that is able to swallow even the strong will and character of the personality.

That is why specialists who know how to overcome alcoholism first try to reveal a cause and effect relationship, to understand what a person’s problem is to get him to give up a sober, life-rich sip of alcohol.

Stage of alcohol dependence

how to cure alcoholism

Before combating alcohol dependence, the phase of the disease must be determined. In some cases, it suffices for “souls” to clarify in detail the possible consequences of misuse of alcoholic beverages, to set an example for those who have consumed harmful habit. But such a mild way to solve problems can only come to those who are still in the first phase of alcoholism, all of which require extra professional help, medication or other treatment, specialist observation.

The first stage of alcoholism

Alcohol is used from time to time, and irresistible desire to drink is not observed. One is not difficult to stop in a timely manner, properly determining its “dose”, which allows to behave appropriately, missing gaps in memory, only a certain degree of euphoria arises which provides the opportunity to relax, relax, get you have some fun, a little bit of life worries.

The danger of this phase is to raise tolerance to alcoholic beverages. It is very important to clamp the further development of the disease, and this can be done without resorting to specialists. Typically, in such a case it is possible to fight alcoholism at home by simply stopping the alcohol, changing the company, the environment, or solving problems that cause the desire to drink.

The second stage of alcoholism

The transition from the first phase to the second – just the moment in which extremely important help and support of loved ones, loved ones. They should tell the person that he is beginning to abuse alcoholic beverages, which will ultimately lead to addiction.

This stage is characterized by the development of abstinent syndrome and a significant increase in alcohol consumption, loss of control, recurrent memory loss, irritability, unreasonable aggression and even cruelty. It is possible to change the character, known in the way of life, environment, habits. Often addicted begins worse deal with professional responsibilities, internal concerns, citing poor health, lack of desire to do something, worst mood. No alcohol and alcoholic beverages pass for almost one day.

The third stage of alcoholism

Clear sign for third stage – significant reduction in portability of alcohol. Even a small dose is capable of causing intense intoxication, which should be maintained at the subconscious level for a maximum length of time. Clearly hangover, inability to pass without alcohol, significant deterioration of health and appearance, loss of interest in work, loved ones, hobby, hobby, constant drowsiness or irritation – the true signs of being completely dependent on alcohol .

In view of the persistent negative impact of alcohol on the body, gradually affect the brain, liver, kidney, cardiovascular and nervous system, other organs. Man is morally and physically degraded by denying the good, the future, the purposes and the meaning of life. At this stage, only highly qualified professionals know how to overcome alcoholism, but even they do not always find ways to save dependent because of irreversible many processes.

Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to the problem in a timely manner, do not let it be left to chance, not to hope for chance or strong, volitional character.

The first step of overcoming alcoholism is the awareness of it

Previously, how to fight alcoholism, you need to be clear about the problem. If we are dependent, we do not understand that a harmful habit is already destroying his life, they must do their utmost to clarify the actual state of affairs. This can be a “soul” conversation, persuasion, ultimatum, claim – in the fight against addiction all methods are appropriate. But it is important and does not perrengute the trait, after which a person closes one full or more does not want to talk, listen, go into contact.

Before you start talking about the need to stop drinking, visit your doctor, a specialized clinic, it is highly advisable to consult an experienced psychologist who will help you find the most effective approach, you have to choose the right words, “reach” to the mind of an alcoholic.

There is a wide variety of pseudo tools that, without the knowledge of the device, I suppose allow you to deal with harmful addiction – all kinds of drops, nutritional supplements, herbs, infusions. But most of them are products of charlatan activity, which, moreover, can cause even more damage to the body. Previously, how to deal with alcohol dependence at home, resort to folk medicine, or “magic” drinks, think of the highest risk of irreparable damage and depleted alcohol organs, systems, idle spending money , effort and, most importantly, time.

Medical Treatment

how to cure alcoholism

Modern medicine for the past 10 years has gone a long way in the fight against alcohol dependence. Today, a fairly large number of different medicines are available that reduce appetite, reduce withdrawal symptoms, relieve hangover, or neutralize toxins caused by excessive alcohol use.

Medication treatment is developed only by a profile specialist who conducts a pre-screening, a full check, if necessary, provides mandatory guidelines for diagnosis or testing. Any attempt to self-medicate or a close-up medication to treat addiction can lead to extremely negative consequences, including a fatal outcome.


how to stop being alcoholic

Method of hypnosis scientifically proven and verified. To this method of fighting alcoholism is turning an increasing amount depends. The only condition – one must yourself want to get rid of a harmful habit. It is also highly recommended to apply this method after the alcohol is completely removed from the body.

There is the erroneous view that hypnosis can suppress man’s psyche or irreversibly damage him. But this is not the case – it is precisely thanks to hypnosis that several thousand people successfully throw themselves each year and in most cases never return to alcohol dependence.


One of the most progressive and effective methods for treating alcoholism, which has a positive effect in 90-95 cases. But it also requires full consent from the person, an informed decision to fight off. Immediately after the removal of alcohol from the body can go to the procedure – it will not take long, but will allow you, either for good or for a longer period to get rid of the thirst for alcohol.

The essence of this method consists in a special effect on the liver and the subconscious, as a result of which one stops enjoying alcohol consumption and loses a need in a state of alcoholic euphoria.

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