How To Get Rid Of Bags Under Your Eyes

how to get rid of bags under eyes fast

There are several factors that cause puffiness under eyes such as:

Tiredness and lack of sleep


Mental and physical stress

Being exposed to sunlight

Allergic reactions

Contact peripheral stimuli

Impact or surgery

Fluid retention (hormonal changes, etc.)

Hormonal problems like hypothyroidism

Accumulation of extra water and salt as a result of heart and kidney diseases or some consumption of some medicines

Diets and consuming salty foods can lead to fluid retention in the muscles under the eyes and thereby cause swelling.



Severe eye infections

Sleep patterns: Irregular bedtimes routine will make your eyes tired and result in puffiness.

The eyes puffiness causes from a traditional specialist’ s perspective:

Eating fried foods, salty dishes, physical inactivity, lack of exercise can be other reasons for this issue and also weak intestinal function is another reason that can be solved by improving the intestinal system.

9 Home remedies for Baggy Eyes

home remedies for puffy eyes

Sometimes, when you wake up in the morning, you might see yourself in the mirror with unsighly bags under your eyes. You shouldn’t be worried and it will be easily solved by very simple ways.

Undoubtedly, those dark circles and bags around your eyes, are not beauty and doesn’t make good impression when meeting people. These are very simple remedies to eliminate puffy eyes.

1.Cold tea bag

home remedies for baggy eyes

The best way is to boil the water and pour it on a tea bag to get wet. Then put the tea bag in the fridge to cool down and then remove it and put it on your eyes to remove puffs. You do not need to use caffeinated tea, but caffeine also reduces your eyes puffiness. It even helps to decrease the fine lines and wrinkles of the skin.

 2. Cucumber

how to get rid of bags under eyes

Everyone knows that putting cucumber slices on their eyes takes their eyes puff, but few people know that there is a second method that is more effective than the previous one. Put the blended cucumber around your eyes and leave it for 15 min


how to get rid of bags under eyes fast

Believe it or not, potatoes are very good for your eyes. Because it contains an enzyme called Catecholase that brightens the skin and reduces dark circles around the eyes and help remove puffs. If you put cold potatoes on your eyes, the cooling effects will remove the puffs. You can mash the potatoes to be more effective on the skin. It takes half an hour to show its effect on the skin.

 4. Leaves of mint

how to get rid of bags under eyes naturally

Crush a few mint leaves a few leaves of mint and put it under your eyes. Tingling sensation of peppermint decrease the puff and dark circles around your eyes. This treatment takes only 5 minutes, so it is suitable for those who are in a hurry in the morning. You can also mix mint leaves with honey or olive oil to a paste. Honey also has its own benefits and has anti-inflammatory properties that reduces acne as well.

5. Rose water

home remedies for puffy eyes

Rose has anti-inflammatory properties, containing vitamin A and C which is useful for the skin. You can use rose water by soaking a cotton ball and applying to the area of the eyes for ten minutes.

6. Almond oil

home remedies for baggy eyes

Almond oil is very useful in reducing dark circles under the eyes. You can mix almond and some milk together in a blender. Or you can prepare store-bought almond oil from the stores, mix it with baking soda and make a paste. This treatment is overnight and does not respond in a short time.


how to get rid of bags under eyes fast

This treatment is one of the simplest treatments. Half a teaspoon of salt dissolved in a liter of warm water. Salt leads the body to water retention and gradually de-bagging in the eye area becomes evident. Dip a cotton ball in this mixture and put it over your eyes for at least ten minutes.

8. milk

home remedies for puffy eyes

If puffiness is too much under your eyes, this remedy should always be followed. Soak 2 cotton balls in the milk and put on your eyelids and let it be there for 30-20 minutes. As a cold liquid, milk is the best compress for keeping the eyes cool as well as hydrating them.

9. Aloe Vera

home remedies for puffy eyes

Aloe Vera is suitable for lowering puffs under the eyes, but you need to do it more often to get a good result. Try to use it every day to see its effect after a week. This plant has a good effect on your appearance that’s why you should use it every night before bedtime.

Auxiliary treatments for other puffiness reasons

how to get rid of bags under eyes fast

In heart and kidney disorders and hormonal diseases, spontaneous treatment of the disease will reduce the underlying skin swelling. For most cases, some important points should be made including:

Reduce salt intake

Treat your allergy

Flush your nasal passages daily.

Fix your sleep schedule. Do not sleep on your stomach. Sleep with you head raised.

Cleansing the eyes before bedtime is recommended for women.

Reduce or stop alcohol consumption

Applying eye cream eyes are useful before bedtime

Use sunscreens when needed

 Applying creams made of vitamins like E or omega-3 or Q10 are effective for tightening the skin.

Finally, the ultimate solution for removing puffs under the eyes and taking these extra puffs is eyelid surgery.

Considering the pros and cons, eyelid surgery maybe a treatment option. Of course as with any surgery, there are risks and benefits. Despite being a quick alternative, people who undergo may experience drooping, scarring, imbalance in the amount of skin and fat in both eyes and inability to close the eyes.

Reducing puffiness in eyes

home remedies for baggy eyes

Disruption of the energy flow and blood circulation inevitably happens by aging, affecting certain points on the face such as areas around the eyes that may change as dark circles. The treatment involves the insertion of very thin needles through the eye skin in order to help improve the circulatory system and balance the flow of energy by stimulating energy pathways so even wrinkles and freckles are hoped to fade away after a short time.
Depending on what caused darkness in the eye area, participants receive needle insertion with a micro – current (q milli ampere) or 50 HZ stimulation, applied to the face resulting in improvements in the bags, lines and dark circles

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