How To Stop Cigarettes In One Week

how is the best way to quit smoking

Quit Smoking Without Nicotine Patches or Medications

best way to quit smoking

Do you want to stop smoking? Do you really want? How many times did you say to yourself that you stopped from tomorrow or how many times did you plan, but did not respect your promise?

Perhaps you promised because it made your words more immovable or invincible. Cigarettes have become a pleasure for you and after a day without cigarettes you are totally nervous. Smoking is like chocolate for some people: “Oh, just one more piece.” So the package remains empty. First is the enjoyment, then the addiction, then the stress. Exactly, addiction itself is what causes stress. You feel relieved just because you have taken the daily dose you needed. Another thing, proof that cigarettes are relief, is gone, NO. Everything is in your head where cigarettes have taken the image of sedatives.

There are three very important steps you have to make

how to give up smoking

Then the desire, whatever it is (in the case of stopping cigarettes), is in your cloth tied. First is the awareness, second comes the plan and third is the action. These points should not be ignored. Failure is not an option, you don’t want another goal has slip away again.

In this post all attention to the plan. This is a one-week plan. No outsider can grab the cigarette lighter out of your hands and make you refuse cigarettes. You are the only one who can do it. Believe yourself and take control of yourself. Say out loud: “I’ll stop smoking for a week!” Be sure of these words. Intention and will are 90% of the success.

Before you start, remember how many cigarettes you smoke a day. Multiply them by three, go to the store and buy the whole quantity at once. It is very important to buy this quantity at once! It is mandatory, because then you will not buy more, not one.

Day one

On this first day you set yourself up in a village on a vacation-somewhere where you are away from work and family, away from stress mostly. That will be until the end of the week. So you will not smoke when your nerves are at a limit, and when you just feel desire to light a cigarette. Light a cigarette, breathe in and breathe slowly the thick, grayish smoke and remember every good moment of smoking. He drank his cigarette with pleasure. So he did with all the other cigarettes he set for that day … smoked them with destination.

This is the day you say goodbye to cigarettes. Do you want the most important thing – are you ready to move forward?

Day two

This is the day your pleasure ends. From now on, you will work on your goal – ceasing to smoke. You will be doing certain exercises this day. First, prepare the cigarette ration for the day you provided. You generally smoke when you have a desire. Now after each pull, you’ll do the following:

  1. Pull and exhale all the smoke.
  2. Breathe in deep, fresh air.
  3. Slowly breathe out all the air. All the air! Do not be in a hurry to breathe, but hold as much as you can.
  4. Now inhale and exhale five times – short and quick.
  5. Breathe in and breathe with full breasts
  6. You can now pull yourself out of the cigarette again. Once you’ve pulled … You start the exercise from scratch.
    Obviously, after each cigarette, drink a glass of water, and finally tea. If you smoke in 10 minutes, then drink half a cup. Water is MANDATORY. This is definitely not a mild task, but do not give up, you have a goal! With these exercises you will need to smoke all day, but no one restricts the number of cigarettes …

Day three

Again, prepare your cigarette rations for the day you have foreseen. You smoke. when you smoke as you do not forget to perform the exercises. Do not forget to drink a glass of water after each cigarette. Here are some changes. Pay attention to the time that has passed since the first cigarette. Does the desire for a second come as fast as before? You hardly do not want to remember the dizziness of your head after every breath and breath. The second cigarette will tear it off. Yeah, you’ll break it, and it’s a must! Then he did the exercises three times in a row, but the quick breaths and jokes would be 10 in number. When you’re done, drink half a glass of water.

He emptied the next cigarette and did not forget the exercises after her. However, you will replace every second cigarette with exercise. A third day you will smoke half your ration.

Day four

You’re moving forward and you’ll throw away not every one but every two out of three cigarettes. You smoke once and breathe twice. After each cigarette, you drink a full glass of water, and after each breath – half a glass of water. Usually after the third day of those who stop smoking, they start to get hurt. By drinking glasses of water you will avoid this.

Day five

You do everything in the same way, but now you throw every three out of four cigarettes. The fourth one is left aside, you do not get it. The principle you will observe is this: smoke exercises instead of cigarette exercise, after a cigarette – a glass of water, after exercise – a glass of water.

Day six

That day you will allow the rest of the cigarette ration from yesterday. You will smoke a cigarette every two hours, and during the rest of the time do you want to smoke – you will breathe. Before going to bed, if left untreated cigarettes, tear them all and throw them out without one.

Day seven

This is the day you will smoke the last cigarette. For the rest of the day, you’ll do the exercises and drink water every hour.

Well, that’s the end. If stopping cigarettes is a wish, which has always been one of the first on your list, you will definitely feel more light after these seven days.

You are up and running and in the next few days, remember what you did during this week – breathe. You will succeed! All you need is will, purpose and a plan.

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