Natural Ways To Normalize High Blood Pressure

how to lower high blood pressure


Before you read everything on the web on “natural / natural methods for instantly lowering blood” you need to know a few things:

  1. High blood pressure develops for years. Many people do not go to a prophylactic examination, do not measure their blood at home, and accidentally (most often elsewhere) at 40-50 years they measure them for example 150/90 . Hypertension is not from the moment of measurement, it precedes it for years.
  2. It is absolutely possible to have high blood pressure that you can successfully control with medicines for hypertension 20-30-40, etc. years. The important thing is whether you will develop its complications – stroke, heart attack, kidney failure, etc.
  3. High blood pressure is a strong risk factor for the above complications, but it is not the only one. People suffered a stroke or a heart attack at 40-50years. most often not only increased blood, and have a combination of risk factors – lower ratio total / good cholesterol, elevated “bad” LDL-cholesterol , low “good” HDL-cholesterol , elevated triglycerides , diabetes mellitus, smoking and others.
    Because of the above, it is absolutely wrong to measure high blood pressure to read about “natural methods” for dropping it without making sure you do not have other risk factors.
  4. Therefore, the first step is a visit to the GP for prophylactic tests of blood sugar, cholesterol, ECG, urine, etc. If necessary, it will refer you to a relevant specialist for established complications.
  5. The first step in measured high blood pressure is a prophylactic examination with the GP. Mandatory. Do you have to check / exclude do you have other risk factors and have any complications from it?
  6. After visiting the GP, you will know if you have additional risk factors for heart attack and stroke. You will have a basis to compare if what you apply (diet, herbs, medicines) is effective for you and how much.
  7. Any other approach is a little or very wrong.


To understand if you can normalize your bloodless medicines, you need to know the causes of hypertension.

Hypertension is divided into two large groups, according to the reasons for its occurrence.

In 95% of people with high blood pressure, exact cause can not be found. Hypertension in this case is called primal (there is nothing “before” it that provokes it) or essential.

Primary hypertension is one in which you can have great success from “natural / natural” methods – diet, herbs, physical activity. Success comes by eliminating risk factors.
It is actually a product of your genes (you have a family burden – father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, nurses or brothers with hypertension), in combination with your unhealthy lifestyle (accumulation of risk factors).

If you have secondary high blood pressure, it will not normalize until the primary disease is successfully controlled. Young hypertensives are suspected of secondary hypertension, and it is extremely important to reject other ailments. Articles on the Internet can not diagnose you. A visit to the GP is required.
Secondary is hypertension in diabetes, Cushing’s disease and syndrome, hypo and hyperthyroidism, glomerulonephritis, obesity, etc. In this group, your blood pressure is often high since you have the disease.


Normalize your weight. The more you weigh, the higher your blood pressure.

The cause is estrogen-releasing fats. Its effect is the inhibition of more salt and water.

For women – in the side effects of contraceptives, this fluid retention is always mentioned and many of them actually feel it – swelling of the legs or the like.

Not all fats are the same – those in the abdomen are much “worse” than those in other parts of the body.

Everyone is different, but you can think that with every pound of lost fat, your blood will drop by 1. If you are 30kg. above normal, you can get down to 30 from your blood. Loss of fat will reduce not only your blood but also the whole inflammatory response in the body, will relieve the joints and much more.
The reason is that they are highly hormone active – besides the upper estrogen, they also release many inflammatory molecules that accelerate the processes of atherosclerosis and inflammation in the body (arthritis symptoms, autoimmune diseases, etc.).


Reducing salt in food reduces blood pressure.
Some people are sensitive to salt. If you have symptoms of high blood after a high-salt diet or you easily swallow after it, do the following test. Measure your blood a few days in which you eat relatively salty, then start to mash the food normally and measure it for a few days.

Restrict cook salt. This lowers blood pressure at all. There are no exceptions.

It is important that you do not eliminate it completely because both extremes are harmful – and not much salt. If you are sensitive to salt, your blood pressure will drop a lot.

It is important to know that most of the foods you buy from the store are salted to some extent. Read the contents.

The effect you can expect is a 3 to 5 mmHg drop in blood pressure. In some highly sensitive, the decline may be even greater.


Restrict carbohydrates, especially simple ones.

One recommendation for ketogenic diets (those with minimal carbohydrates and little protein) is: “Drink more water and steal the food steadily.”

The reason is that blood pressure drops a lot and there are symptoms of hypotension . Solish the food and drink lots of liquids to raise it.

Low-carb diets keep the level of insulin low, so do not hold extra salts and liquids.

Carbohydrate and salt restrictions work together.

You can expect an effect of reducing carbohydrates from 1 to 6 mmHg.


Medicinal benefits and side effects of garlic.
Garlic is a real “superfood” – it reduces blood pressure, cholesterol, respiratory infections, the risk of malignancies, prostate enlargement symptoms, and much more. All this at a price of a few cents a day.
The above is an excerpt from the article on the health effects of garlic .

Garlic may be the first item in any high blood pressure article.

There is no other cheap and affordable way to influence so many risk factors for cardiovascular disease.
Powerful effect in reducing blood, total and bad (LDL) cholesterol , increases good (HDL) cholesterol , nitrous oxide in vessels and much more.

If the scent is the thing that stops you, read the whole article about it . There are capsule-shaped deodorized forms and other ways to eliminate / reduce odor.

The effect of regular intake of garlic is a reduction in blood pressure of 5 to 10 mmHg.


Like garlic, caraway/hibiscus tea is a powerful and inexpensive way to reduce blood pressure .

Its effect is similar to that of ACE inhibitors (enalapril, ramipril, etc.). It relaxes and extends blood vessels, reduces salt and water retention, acts diuretically (drainage of urine). It also greatly reduces triglycerides . With regular carcass intake you can expect a reduction of 5 to 15 mmHg.


If you have only a high-normal blood pressure (130-140) , you can only use them after consulting the GP.

If you have primary hypertension, combine them with your prescribed medicines. Once the blood is normalizing, continue with the “natural” methods and, together with your doctor, try to reduce or discontinue medications.

In secondary hypertonia, your blood pressure will decrease as your primary disease is controlled successfully.

Again, you can use the listed methods, but necessarily in combination with your prescribed therapy.

Never stop or reduce the dose of your medication without consulting a doctor.

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